We have considerable experience in analyzing and correcting large-yacht performance problems, including but not limited to:

► Insufficient top speed
► Engine overloading (max. loaded rpm too low)
► Excessive fuel consumption
► Excessive operating trim angle
► Problems in static trim
► Insufficient turning response
► Yawing and broaching in following and quartering seas

We work by determining actual torque and horsepower outputs, and comparing performance data collected during sea trials against an extensive database of performance information that is type- and model-specific to your yacht. We then prepare a correction recommendation and a detailed budgetary estimate for any indicated modifications. When the remedial modifications called for are relatively extensive or costly, the budgetary estimate will also incorporate a benefit/cost analysis. If a client decides to move ahead with indicated corrections, we are available to plan and manage the project. Finally, if a client so wishes, we will contract the entire job from start to completion.

Re-powering is often an opportune time for more than a simple a swap-out of old engines for new or rebuilt ones. Re-powering can beneficially incorporate correction or enhancement of performance, the minimization or elimination of chronic vibration, and/or the improvement of noise attenuation.

With long experience in the design and construction of yachts, as well as in the engineering, construction, and refit of propulsion packages and drive trains, we bring a unique perspective to re-powering projects — one that blends technical expertise with a healthy sense of what is feasible and cost-effective.

When designing a re-powering package, we begin with a compilation of real-time vessel test data taken during sea trials, and run that against the stated project objectives and the latest available computer powering models. The result is a yacht that runs faster, smoother, and quieter than it did before, and one which returns to her owner benefits that usually outweigh the costs incurred.

For these reasons, re-powering often provides a yacht a "new lease on life" in more ways than one. And because engine and drive train condition are usually critical factors in a buyer's survey evaluation, re-powering almost always constitutes a cost-effective investment for large yachts. Because we are set up to handle the work from conception to completion, we can make the re-powering process a relatively painless, actually enjoyable experience.

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