In the boatyard business, substantial fixed overheads run constantly. Consequently, work throughput becomes a key factor in profitability, which means completing projects on time is generally prerequisite to bringing them in at a profit. Whether your concern is with start-up, production streamlining, expansion, costing and bidding, or cost containment and reduction, we can assemble precisely the right team with the skill set necessary to get the job done — on your schedule and within budget.

Many, if not most of these and similar business issues are project specific. That is, they are dealt with most cost-effectively by assembling and directing the right team for as long, and only for as long as it takes to get the job done. By availing yourself of our services in these areas, you not only secure highly competent and experienced performance, but avoid the high costs of adding in-house staff and maintaining ongoing payroll after your project objectives have been achieved.

If you are facing a marine business issue and would like to explore the feasibility of dealing with it on an outsourced basis, we would be more than pleased to meet with you about our background, experience, and how we might be of service. Call or e-mail us today. All inquiries are treated on a strictly confidential basis.

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