As yachts have grown larger and more complicated, so has the process of building or refitting one. Indeed, a contemporary yacht build or major refit of any significant proportions more often than not these days involves an entire team of professionals, from naval architects to marine engineers, designers, stylists, and builders.

Few, if any boatyards provide all of the required services, but instead retain, either on the yard's behalf or the owner's, a multiplicity of outside specialists to handle the often complicated and demanding work. The result is that most projects are beset by tensions between divergent talents and egos, between the initial vision of the owner or client and the idosyncratic predilections of the individual members of the project "team."

In such circumstances, an owner or client can benefit greatly from having highly experienced and technically qualified project management and representation. At the Port Royal Group, our mission is to provide that management and representation. Our aim is always to bring to a project a unified overall vision, one that accurately reflects your goals and objectives. We work for you; and we work to see that ultimately your interests are served.

That includes and involves more than simply watching the day-to-day work on the shop floor. It involves seeing to it that the build or refit meets the contracted specifications, that industry standards and contracted levels of quality are maintained, that the project stays on schedule and on budget, that interim payments made to the yard or other contractors match correctly to the work value achieved to date, and that all contracted work stands completed in a satisfactory and workmanlike manner at the conclusion of the project.

We facilitate and coordinate communication and interaction between the commonly diverse members of a contemporary yacht build or major refit project. We track progress against the project schedule, and work to see that all members of the project team remain in sync with one another and the boatyard involved. We buffer and intermediate disputes, develop on an as-needed basis workaround plans when hitch-ups are inevitably encountered, and keep you fully informed at all times, including those when your other demands on your time may prelclude your full attention. We're proud to say that, in most cases, during the course of a major project, we are able to achieve savings for our clients that total more than the fees we charge.

We're able to win and keep the confidence and cooperation of all parties to a project because key members of our team have decades of hands-on experience in the construction and refitting of large yachts, and in the management of world-class boatyards which do that work. In short, we have credibility with all involved because we've been where they're at, we've done what they do, and we appreciate their problems and concerns, and through long experience know how to move things forward to the benefit of all, and ultimately to the benefit of our clients.

Port Royal Group ...because experience always matters.

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